From Our Clients

Former CTC clients often come back to share the good news about their successful job searches and to encourage their struggling peers to take advantage of the many CTC services which helped them.


“The CTC was an invaluable resource during my search, and I am very grateful for the support and guidance I received from your organization.”  -Monique C.

“I have returned to work in an industry that I respect and a job that reflects my work values and showcases my strengths. Any professional who is looking to make a career move and does not use the CTC as a primary resource, simply has not heard about it yet.” - Kathleen D.


"Thank you for improving my life. I now have a job with benefits doing work that I love. I am teaching new immigrants to speak English." –Kim H.


"CTC was a 'lifeline' for me during the last 6 months of my 22 month job search. Like many others, I had spent too much time searching on my own though job boards, etc. with very little success. The CTC staff was so encouraging and they were there to show me there was hope and CTC could help.  I recommend CTC to anyone I can. I landed a job in a non-profit that I truly respect and has a great reputation and I look forward to starting this month." – Renee R.


“The Career Transitions Center has provided me with moral, spiritual and professional support. I have reorganized my family matters and identified priorities and target organizations for my search. I have had a number of interviews and have never felt more confident regarding my career prospects.” –Indre B.


“I have been successful in finding consulting work and the future is looking good. My wife told me that she noticed a very positive change in my outlook, not just in pursuing a job, but also in my attitude toward life. Thank you and all the people at CTC who generously give their time, knowledge and experience.” -Jim R.


“The folks at the CTC helped me to speak of skills rather than experiences, of my value proposition rather than my ability to perform certain tasks, and of how my unique experiences would bring new perspective instead of thinking I did not fit. CTC offers hope while navigating difficult and unfamiliar territory.” – Janet C.


“The biggest benefit was to prepare me to re-enter the market as a new person with new skills. Coaches really helped me to interview much better and with more confidence. CTC taught me the value of getting in front of people and away from the computer. At 61, I feel that my career is at the top of its game.” – Bill N.


“CTC gave me a foundation to organize my search. It helps me narrow down what I want from a job.” –Laura H.


“The coaches and instructors are experts in job searching, and provide helpful and informative advice that keeps you focused and on-track in your career search. Everyone is really invested in helping you succeed.” – Sally C.


“CTC offers a lot of valuable services for an affordable price. I've learned a great deal from the seminars. I have benefited tremendously from the coaching. And the networking with my peers at the seminars has been awesome. I haven't searched for work in several years. The CTC training has helped make me more confident about starting a new job search.” -Yolanda H.


“CTC helped me get a realistic perspective on what my skills are and where I might contribute outside of my established field.   It was a change I might never have allowed myself had I not had assistance in sorting my talents, skills, desires and goals into a multifaceted resume that spoke to a more diverse audience.” –Margaret C.


“With the diversity of experience and expertise of the coaches, I have found the various points of view a huge value.  I have the benefit of a former sales manager looking at my approach one way, with a human resource manager approaching another way. It helps me better address whatever audience I might encounter. – Gail J.


“Having a physical place to search for a job with other mid-career adults was really beneficial. Searching for a job all day, at home, can be very, very isolating. CTC gives you a positive and supportive environment.”  -Laura B.