Learn how StrengthsFinderTM training can help boost your company’s productivity.

Leveraging  Strengths for Organizational Success

A half-day workshop 

Using the Gallup’s StrengthsFinderTM assessment, your team will gain awareness of their greatest talents and begin turning them into strengths. Strengths-Based Development:  Your talents – those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that come naturally to you – are the source of your true potential.  The better you can apply these talents, the greater your potential to consistently act with more confidence, direction, and hope.

  Your management team will:

  • Understand individual strengths and how these can be to create powerful teams.
  • Improve relationships with fellow team members.
  • Build confidence as individuals and as an organization.
  • Create an improved work environment for all. 

 “StrengthsFinders stood out. With power and clarity, it revealed to me how I work and contribute in the professional world, and gave me vivid language to describe those contributions to others.”                                                                

– Tim R., CTC Client

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