In Person Membership Fees:

Clients referred through CTC sponsoring organizations receive a discount for their first quarter.

Please check the current list of sponsors.

Most of the programs and services  (15+ titles/month) are included with your membership!

Quarterly fees:

 Effective 9/1/2017
 First quarter  $399  $299
 Renewal quarter*  $249  $249

   * The discounted Renewal rate is not available more than one year after the end of the last valid membership


Scholarships may be available for clients who cannot to afford the fee. Prospective clients may request a scholarship form after attending an Information Session.


 Refund Policy:    Fees for Events or Programs may be refundable - subject to the following:

  • Program fees will be refunded if a reservation is properly cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start of the event
  • Refunds will be issued, when requested, by check within 30 days after a cancellation. An available option is to request application of the unused fee to a future program or event.
  • Reservations may be cancelled online at the CTC website, when available, or with an acknowledged phone conversation. E-mail messages or voicemail messages do not constitute a cancellation unless acknowledged by a CTC staff member.
  • Handling or service fees are never refunded. However all payments, including the handling or service fee, will be refunded if the event is cancelled by CTC.
  • Client Membership Fee Refunds will be issued on a pro-rated basis if written request is made within 30 days of payment by emailing ajenke@ctccchicago.org. An available option is to request application of the unused fee to a future program or event.
  • CTC acknowledges that there may be special situations where it may be appropriate to modify or relax these policies.

The Refund Policy is established by The Career Transitions Center of Chicago (CTC) and is subject to change without notice.