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Our Results Reinforce Our Misssion

Older workers were out of work an average of 12 months in 2017, often due to shame, inexperience with social media tools and inadequate networking. Recent college graduates have limited work histories and inadequate professional networks. Department of Labor reports that 44% of employed college graduates under age 25 are not working in jobs that require a college degree; 17% are underemployed (part-time employment) and their unemployment rate is 8.5%, according to the Department of Labor.


We Make A Difference


FY19 Client Profile

CTC served 283 clients between 7/1/18 and 6/30/19 and provided them with 1,600 coaching appointments and 200 programs. Sixty-five percent of the clients were 40 to 70 years old and 35% were 20 to 39 years of age. Fifty percent of clients were Caucasian; 5% were African-American; 5% Latino; 5% Asian,  and 35% multicultural and other ethnicities).  Fifty-eight percent of clients were female and 42% were male. 55% of clients reported living below or at 250% of the federal poverty level.

Employment fields were: financial services 11%; communications/media 7%; Education, training, libraries 7%; legal 4%; sales 18%; nonprofits 7%; visual, performing arts 3%; administrative support 5%; operations 3%; hospitality 3%; government 6%; healthcare 10%; 16% includes other (customer service, architecture, info tech, real estate, logistics). 

Additionally, CTC provided 10 outreach workshops serving 300 people at universities; faith communities; professional associations and other venues on topics such as, navigating career transition, effective resume writing, networking, and interviewing skills. CTC's FY19 alumni survey received a 35% response rate. Of those who responded, 82% reported finding work or starting a business. 



CTC is committed to evaluating the impact of its programming on the people we serve. CTC measures impact in the following ways: numbers of clients participating in programs and coaching; clients’ qualitative evaluations of programs and coaching; and numbers of clients securing employment. We believe that the strong attendance in programs and coaching sessions is an indicator of the quality and effectiveness of our services from the clients’ perspective. In each of the last three years, 80% of clients alumni report being employed full-time, part-time/contracting, or self-employed, according to CTC's alumni survey, which has had an average response rate of 35%.