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The CTC is a not-for-profit organization which provides professional, emotional, and spiritual support to those seeking a job, looking for meaningful work, or otherwise going through a career transition.

We offer a variety of programs and resources to help individuals from all fields, and at all career levels, create plans to meet their goals. Explore our website to learn how our services can help


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Special Coming Attractions

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04/28  -CTC StrengthFinders RESCHEDULED May 12
04/30  -Sharpen Your People Skills: Everything DiSCĀ® Professional Assessment and Workshop
05/02  -Meyers Briggs Type Indicator Workshop: Expressly for Job Seekers
05/09  Group 2 - Strong Vocational Interest Assessment and Workshop
05/09  Group 1 - Strong Vocational Interest Assessment and Workshop

Special notices:

Passport to Taste - CTC's annual adventure is May 15th! Details and tickets here

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